Social Buzz component

Social Buzz component is an innovative component crossing entertainment content with social networks

Orange buzz component focuses at firts on “social TV, processing social TV content intelligence and making it accessible through a cloud API.

It helps the viewer finding and choose faster an entertainment content (TV program, movie in theater, VoD, sport competition) and simply interacting with other viewers.

Transforming the social buzz around TV programs and content into an intelligible flow of information, Orange buzz component leverages the power of social recommendation, and nurture “magic” social content discovery.

  • It « scrolls » in real-time the social networks especially Twitter and extract the Buzz on versatile content entities: T, movies in theaters, VOD, sport players and competition…
  • It sorts programs by their “buzz” levels,  personalizes the recommendations and displays the detailed online social discussion related to each program by using filters that facilitates the participation and the reading : the best tweets, the experts’ tweets, the most recent tweets, my network’s opinion, the popular hashtags and keywords…
  • Moreover, it complements quantitative data by qualitative feeling about the program through a selection of keaywords and sentiment analysis.

Orange social buzz is an innovative “component” available on API form which can be embedded in multiple end-user applications : the consumer facing app requests the API and displays the corresponding data in his own user interface, on multiple screens.

Orange Social TV component, is currently rolled-out in a dozen of Orange consumer services.

ORANGE SPORT UEFA powered by Blended TV

social content intelligence


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