Culture component

A “Social Culture” component, with NFC plug-in, to “Remember And Share”  a cultural experience with your social network

Social culture component allows the user who has just completed a visit to a museum, to a touristical site or to a historical monument… to publish intuitively an appealing video slideshow on his social networks Facebook / Twitter.

The visitor selects a video to share among several videos showing various tracks within the museum or the city.

The user may customize the slideshow, and share it on the community area of the cultural corporation web site.

Social culture component is a feature that can be implemented by museum, tourism organization, cities … in the form of a web service or a button. It can be displayed on multiple screens and devices: by establishing a quick link on the museum web site, or by inserting an option in the menu of a smart phone app.

A friendly user test is ongoing with the Museum of Decorative Arts “Les Arts Décoratifs” in Paris.


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