Personal Video component

iPhone and iPad “full video” app generator

The video generator provides a « anytime anywhere » consumption for a video catalogue.

It allows a producer to generate quickly and easily his own iPhone and iPad app able to reflect his production company or his content universe for a very low set-up cost.

This application allows the mobile owner to create and manage his playlists of videos, to search and buy a certain video, as well as highlight premium content.

The mobile owner can be « connected » to the content; he can share the videos with his friends by using Facebook or Twitter, just as he can receive some information “pushes”.


The producers and the distributors have access to a main control board that easily allows the conception and the automatic creation of the app by personalized graphics and video selection.

This instrument was designed to:

  • Adapt to all kinds of production: for the big catalogue owners, just as for those proposing a small video offer.
  • Allow an easy content management, helping producers develop and update their catalogue, highlighting the premium content by using the already created app.




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